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How does it work?

Published Monday, November 9, 2015

Learn more about Tennis en Ligne.

Tennis has never been so exciting!

Tennis en Ligne is a modern way to play while getting involved in a sport. This brand-new Internet community will allow all players to unlock trophies, which will give them access to rewards. These Internet rewards and the ranking will allow players to have fun and improve their tennis skills while having a competitive spirit.

How does it work?

The results of the matches allow players to evolve and appear in different type of regional rankings. It allows players to manage all the scores of their friendly games, groups, leagues and clubs at the same place on the Internet.

How do you enter scores?

The results are entered by the member, the coach or the group manager from their account. Rankings are updated in real time after each entry.

What can I do if there is an error in the results?

It is possible to contest the results of a match. In a group, the manager is responsible for resolving the error that occurred. In the case of duels, we will communicate by email with the players to solve the problem.

How does the ranking work?

Player rankings are updated according to the ELO rating system adapted for tennis. The number of points assigned or removed for each player is determined by the importance of the match (from one to five stars depending on the importance of the match). Click here to read the news explaining the Tennis en Ligne rating system. Click here to read the news explaining the Tennis en Ligne rating system.

What is the ELO system?

The ELO system is a method for calculating the relative skill of the competitors. It was invented to improve the chess ranking system. In summary, the difference of points between two opponents determines the outcome of the meeting. Since its creation, several games and sports have adopted it.

How do we determine the initial player experience?

When you subscribe for free, the new player must complete a form that will determine its initial experience. Before filling up the form, he will have to decide if he wants to play with opponents at an easy, normal or hard level. The difficulty levels are detailed in the beginning of the form. The form is based on a number of key attributes for tennis players. Thereafter, the attributes initial values will evolve according to the player's involvement in the game!

Who can use Tennis en Ligne?

Tennis en Ligne as been gamified to ensure that all tennis lovers, whether beginners or professionals, can find what they want. Visitors are also welcome to sign up for free to keep track of their favorite players in this online community.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the use of game mechanics in order to engage a greater number of people to participate in an activity. It pushes and motivates the player to keep up playing even if he's not always the winner.

How did you gamified Tennis?

In addition of the regional rankings, we offer players some goals in order to acquire trophies.

Can a group of players join Tennis en Ligne?

Players have access to a friendly environment to create groups in their communities. It is simple to create a group for colleagues, school, sports centers, family and friends. Players can also join existing groups by visiting the public profile of those. Click here to read the news explaining the Tennis en Ligne groups.

Can a group contain subgroups or divisions?

All types of groups can contain divisions. The division serves to identify the players in the group according to a category for a given period of time.

How does Tennis en Ligne support coaches?

The member can identify himself as a coach in his profile to manage his group of students. A coach group will be created automatically for him. The coach can then use the application to plan matches between students. This will give them a chance to record their matches' scores, find themselves in official rankings and play on Tennis en Ligne.

How does Tennis en Ligne support clubs?

We do advice tennis clubs and organizations to register with Tennis en Ligne to increase their visibility and to allow their members to participate in a regional online community using the results of their matches played in their club.

Our goal is to promote them by inviting members to join their club from their public page. We know that clubs and organizations are essential to prepare future stars of tennis. To do this, each match linked to a club will have the advantage of being played at four stars (instead of three for other group types). This will therefore allow players to accumulate more points and increase rapidly in the regional rankings while remaining in their league. Click here to read the news explaining the Tennis en Ligne rating system.

The club managers will be able to use their member account to create divisions, league and tournament matches. Furthermore, players will be capable via their member account to enter their match results of the club as they can do with any other groups. The managers can also enter the matches' results for his club's players.

About us and how to support Tennis en Ligne

We are both self-employed French-Canadian, Patrick Gendron and Pascal Ceretti, who studied in computer science. Our project was created during our free time in order to improve physical activity, sports, health and socialization for human development and our gamification project (Webbist).

By subscribing for free, you are not only helping to increase the online sporting community of Webbist, but also have the chance to use any other type of sport which we have gamified that will be available soon when we have enough participation.

You can also help by contributing to the completion of missing information for tennis courts, cities, etc. We will add your name to our list of collaborators on the Webbist project. English is your first language? Help us detect errors in our English translation. It will be much appreciated.

Help us increase our visibility by sharing us on social networks. Please, like us on Facebook by clicking the button "I like" at the top right corner of this page.

The creators of Tennis en Ligne,
Patrick Gendron and Pascal Ceretti


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