We are developing Pickleball en Ligne in a collaborative environment with our partner clubs and the development plan is subject to change at any time. The information provided with this roadmap allows us to give you a general idea of the developments planned, but does not necessarily represent the deadlines that we have concluded with the clubs. It does not constitute an obligation or a promise on our part to deliver these developments within this timeframe.
Communication Center
  • We will be adding the ability to send emails to effective subscribers only to further filter the recipient list.
  • The sending report is currently volatile, we will make it permanent to keep an archive.
Club Administration
  • We will improve the management of club managers to allow managers greater flexibility when granting permission for club management.
Administration of individual leagues
  • We will improve ladder leagues by ensuring that penalties already applied are removed if they are no longer necessary due to past match results being entered.
  • We will be adding a list of substitutes in individual league divisions with the purpose of allowing regular players to view contact details of substitutes and vice versa.
Member Administration
  • It will be possible to manage player labels from the labels. You will be able to clean up your labels, determine if they automatically create a chat group in the club's chat and choose a color to use in lists.
  • We will add the possibility for clubs to change the email addresses of their players.
Reservation Administration
  • We will allow clubs to specify which membership cards should be considered when the platform checks the “Effective subscribers only” criterion for bookings.
  • We will allow a different number of opening days to be specified for court timetables for residents only.
  • We are going to add time slot managers. These managers will not be part of the list of participants and will be able to make changes to it. These managers will also be displayed in the court timetables to allow players to identify them.
Club Microsite
  • A new chat feature is in the plans for clubs on their microsite. It will allow players to be in contact with each other according to chat groups predetermined by the club.
  • A new module will allow clubs to manage a store to sell products to their members. Whether it is clothing or equipment, each club will be able to have its own store and it will be entirely managed by them.

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Pickleball en Ligne is proudly developed in Sorel-Tracy, Québec, Canada