Pickleball en Ligne™

A free social network designed for pickleball players.

Connect, gather, play and evolve!

The social network has been gamified specifically for pickleball and aims to help players manage their online pickleball activities.

Pickleball profile

  • Create a free player profile by signing up to Pickleball en Ligne.
  • Get a public page displaying your statistics, your results and more!
  • Find fellow players and add them to your list of favorite players.
  • Be informed by email of new players in your area.
  • Write a blog and participate in community discussions.


Experience points

  • Initialize your experience points from your self-rating level.
  • Your experience points will evolve according to your wins and losses.
  • The experience points at stake depend upon the importance of your matches (multiplier of one to five stars).
  • The experience points allow you to compare yourself to the level of other players.


Pickleball matches

  • Send duels to your favorite players.
  • Enter the results of your matches on the Internet or directly on your mobile.
  • Check the schedule of your next matches.
  • Choose from many different types of matches to suit the occasion (ProSet 8 or 10, 2 of 3 to 4 or 6 points, etc.).



  • Participate in the regional rankings of your city, province/state and country.
  • Support your area in the regional rankings by entering the results of your matches.
  • Pickleball en Ligne offers different types of rankings, including by wins and losses, experience points and customized by your club.


Pickleball Courts

  • Find pickleball courts in your area.
  • Add courts in your list of favorite pickleball courts to use them later when entering your match results.
  • Review the list of players and groups that have added the pickleball court in their favorites.
  • Participate in the pickleball courts' automated rankings by playing matches on them.
  • Give a rating out of five for your appreciation of the different pickleball courts and join the conversation.



  • Unlock badges and virtual trophies for your achievements.
  • Get motivation points when you send duels and contribute to the community.
  • Get exploration points when playing matches on different pickleball courts.
  • Get participation points when you enter the results of your matches.


The online solution for your Pickleball Club

Using their dashboard, managers will not only manage all pickleball activities of their club on the Internet, but also provide their members with a personal page and a social network that will bring them together and motivate them to play more!

A standalone installation of Pickleball en Ligne is a version of Pickleball en Ligne (or Pickleball en Ligne Mobile), filtered only with your pickleball club data.

Your own web page

  • Create an account to start managing your club online.
  • Gather your members in a social network that motivates them to play.
  • Let your players subscribe to Pickleball en Ligne or create them yourself, so they can take ownership of their account later.
  • Manage fees and memberships for your club.


Pickleball league

  • Create divisions of different types such as Ladder, Round-Robin, Rotation and even personalized.
  • Rank your players easily with the Pickleball en Ligne experience points system.
  • Generate matches for your divisions with a single click.
  • The rankings are updated automatically after each result entry.
  • Activate your players by adding them to the divisions

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  • Create categories of type Round-Robin with final, single elimination and double elimination.
  • Choose the seeded players and automate the draw of each of your categories.
  • Generate the matches and the brackets of your categories with a single click.
  • Activate your players by adding them to the categories

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Mobile application

  • Pickleball en Ligne Mobile is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
  • Your members can enter their results directly on their mobile and see their schedule.
  • Your club's profile will also be available in the mobile application.
  • Pickleball en Ligne Mobile is also available in standalone installation for your club. Contact us.



  • Manage pickleball lessons, sessions and classes for your coaches.
  • Communicate by email and SMS when coaches postpone a class.
  • Have access to reports on matches, schedules, rankings and lesson attendances.
  • Activate your players by adding them to the sessions.

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  • Send emails to your members from your dashboard.
  • Send SMS to communicate breaking news to your members.
  • Your members can communicate in real-time with each other from their account.

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Create free communities on Pickleball en Ligne to manage your pickleball matches with friends!

Here's an opportunity to create a friendly competition with people in your community.

The dashboard for communities has been designed for players with the same employer, attending the same sports center or have been to the same school.


  • Enter your employer in your profile to join the community.
  • Create divisions for your colleagues or participate in an existing division.


Sports Center

  • Enter the name of the sports center you attend in your profile to join the community.
  • Create divisions for other customers or join an existing division.



  • Enter the name of the school you are attending in your profile to join the community.
  • Create divisions for the students of this school, or participate in an existing division.